All of You

A-Colourful-Creation-god-the-creator-12135116-2560-1707[1]Astrology has taught me we have many aspects making up the whole of who we are.  Part of me is a lover, part a fighter.  Part wants to be a success in life, part wants to sit on a mountain and contemplate my navel. I’m afraid and courageous.  Sad and happy. Have you ever stopped to think about the various aspects, parts or archetypes that make up all of you?

Anytime we are out of sorts, depressed, ill, have lots of accidents or have just generally lost our zest for life – at least one part of us is not being heard.  Is not being lived fully.  Maybe more than one part.

Conversely, whenever we are on a roll, happy, soaring, wake up smiling and can’t wait for the day to begin, enjoying over the top good health and are in the flow of life – we are most likely listening, balancing, honoring and living all of our sometimes conflicting parts.

We often don’t listen and live all of us because of early childhood or societal programming.  You are here to live your life – not someone else’s life.  Not some social or religious ideal.

If fear is standing in your way, get to know fear – it’s a part of you – talk to it, ask it want it wants – negotiate.  Fear is a part of your team – it isn’t in charge – it isn’t all of you, only a part.  Its job is to protect us from danger.  Its job is not to paralyze us and keep us from living fully.

Happiness, joy, peace, success, great health – all are the byproducts of living authentically.  Check in with yourself.  Listen to all the parts, all the voices.  Learn to balance, honor and love all of you.  And, through it all – be gentle with yourself.


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  1. Another good one, I wanted to share. 🙂

    Namaste from my IPhone


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