Love Is Power

tumblr_mz20s0Aviq1t0v7wdo2_500[1]Stop for a minute.  In your imagination – how do you feel when you are in a loving place inside?  Warm, safe, happy, joyful, filled with energy?  Often we magically have a great desire to share our love with others – we are loving.  Somewhere along the way we realize we are also lovable.

We read a lot these days about the law of attraction and how important that is.  The ultimate attractor in our lives is gravity.  It keeps us on this beautiful blue planet and it holds our solar system and universe and all universes together.  So, you might say gravity loves us and loves the whole of creation.  Talk about the power of love!

Now, let’s go to the other side of the force.  Fear. Again, in your imagination – remember a time you were in a fearful place inside.  Feel it.  And, for those of you who deny you feel fear – remember a time when you were really angry.  Here’s a basic psychological and spiritual law – anger arises in you as an attempt to protect you from the underlying fear.  Many of us are easy to anger and vehemently deny we are afraid.  Truth:  fear first – anger second.  So, if you have anger “issues” the way out is to go beneath that and get to know your fear.  Know fear is the mantra of the courageous.  No fear – the mantra of an unenlightened being.  Fear is one of our greatest teachers – not our master.

How does it feel when you are in that fearful or angry place inside yourself? Heart racing, anxious, stressed, separate, powerful, powerless, high energy, lonely?  Look around.  It is likely the only people standing with you are other fearful or angry people.  Like attracts like.

Case in point – ISIS, now called the Islamic State.  Men.  Afraid.  Angry.  Now check in with your own reaction to the terrorism in France.  Are you in the school that wants another Hiroshima?  Kill them all – yes, you say, it’s sad that innocent women, children and men must die.  But, I and the people I love will be safe.  Fear (ISIS) attracts fear – you.  Do you see how fear has modified the love within you?  Are you normally in favor of the mass killing of innocent children, women and men?  ISIS is.   You just joined their ranks in many ways.  They want the end of the world.  The end of love.   They just won the battle inside you.

It is all a very difficult issue – one that helps us learn how to be human.  One that helps us see the age old battle within – love or fear?  Wisdom and courage or fear and anger?


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6 Responses to Love Is Power

  1. Fabulous commentary on the current state of affairs…I absolutely agree and totally believe you NAILED IT! You rock sister, xo

  2. You must be living in fear because you attracted ISIS to your post and to your life. You must also be normally in favor of the mass killing of innocent children, women and men. Your words betray you, your subconscious is dripping with guilt. I know, I am the same as you in that regard. Like attracts like, right? Rather than blame and project my imbalance I am learning to take ownership. ISIS is not really the problem, I am the problem. Awareness is step one, then comes changing my behavior. How has my behavior attracted ISIS? Am I acting out of fear and separation? I must be. I mean, c’mon, my whole life is a product of fossil fuels, resources that were stolen under the feet of murdered innocent civilians in faraway places. Are you dependent on fossil fuels? Do you live peacefully in a country whose government engages in perpetual war? Please, see your role in creating all this fear. I am looking at mine and finding ways to change. That’s what Language Yoga is all about, turning the blame into ownership so that I can see my psychosis and actually learn to heal. Namaste, Aaron

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey Aaron – Your point is well taken. I recently read a quote by the Dalai Lama where he was saying the solution to the terrorist problem is with each of us. I agree. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Love, Pat

  3. This is perfect, and crucial, specially and times like this.

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