Time To Sober Up!

Black_hole_WD_by_hmn[1]“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Thoreau

Saturn meets Neptune.  As the title of this post says, we may all find ourselves sobering up in our own lives.  To the extent we have been drifting along in our dream or illusion (Neptune), we may find Saturn clears away the fog – like the Sun breaking through the clouds – the reality of our lives is clearly illuminated.

The exact dates of their square are November 26, 2015 – Thanksgiving Day in the US; June 17, 2016; and September 10, 2016.  They will drift away from each other by Mid-November, 2016.  During this entire time they will be close enough together in the sky to affect each other.

Here is what Stephanie Austin has to say in the October/November, 2015 issue of The Mountain Astrologer:

“Saturn-Neptune squares challenge us to manifest from our essence rather than our ego, and to follow our intuition and inner guidance rather than external authority and convention.  We are summoned to spiritual maturity, which entails letting go of martyrdom and victim mentality, blame and guilt, addictions and illusions.  By making more time and space in our lives to connect with our higher self, we are able to see where we have been in denial, where we have abdicated our power, and how we can instead live with both integrity and vision, pragmatism and faith.  As we engage more with nature, meditation, and the wisdom of the heart, we see through the fears and beliefs that block us from embodying truth.”

The larger Saturn-Neptune cycle is 36 years.  Following is a listing of the years they were last dancing together in the cosmos.  You might consider reflecting on these years – what happened in your life then – the past cycle can at times give us clues about what we are called to do in this current cycle.

1989 – Conjunction

1998-99 – Waxing Square

2006-07 – Opposition

I wish you well on your journey to wholeness.


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