Are We Flawed?

tumblr_n9pr7nk4EC1sknuc2o2_1280[1]I was reading some philosophical papers recently authored by people I respect. One of the basic premises by one of the men was that all humans are basically flawed. Sort of sounds like some of the major world religions – sinners born in sin. The author is a scientist and was writing about how we humans have created all our problems on this Earth and it is only we humans who can solve them.

I agree with him – we humans have created our problems and we humans must work to solve them. I would add in it never hurts to ask our unseen helpers to give us a hand. Yes, unseen helpers. You may call them angels, spirit guides, the flow of universal energy, divine intervention or you own words to explain the unseen.

Are we flawed? It was that sentence that has stuck in my mind. The new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, opens December 18, 2015. The premise in the Star Wars films is the dark side of the force and the light side of the force. A recognition that we each carry a darkness within. Agreed. We do. Is that a flaw?

Total and complete, lacking nothing. I think that comes from Buddhist teaching. The dark and the light – total and complete.

I guess it depends on your overall worldview. To me I’m here to learn. I’m in life school. That’s not so much my philosophy as it is my experience of life. It’s brilliant when viewed from one perspective that we each have the dark and the light within us. We are faced with choices every nano second of every day. What a great way to design a school – constant learning.

When I leave the realm of philosophy and look at all the suffering we humans cause each other and all the harm we are doing to this beautiful classroom we inhabit – I can see where the scientist who wrote the article concluded we are flawed.

Maybe we aren’t flawed so much as certain of us make incredibly bad choices. Bad choices that shake the foundations of who we believe ourselves to be. Isn’t it amazing that a handful of the 7 billion people on the Earth can be seduced by the dark side of the force and it awakens that same darkness in many of us. The dark side – Fear – the root cause of anger, aggression, war, greed, your own words.

I believe in Love. I think it is winning over the dark side.   It has always won. Just look at history. We have evolved over the eons. It hasn’t always been a smooth evolution. And yet we have evolved. Go into your own being, your own heart and soul. What feels best? Being in a state of fear or being in a state of love? We are wired for love, happiness and joy – they just plain feel good.

So, are we flawed or just learning how to make choices? I wonder?


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2 Responses to Are We Flawed?

  1. Henry Reed says:

    Thank you. I vote for school over flaw. A”flaw” is a stage of understanding something, from a given perspective of relationships. . . Earlier it was a virtue … Later it will be a teacher … Thanks

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