Good Enough

space image -1[1]“When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.” – Pablo Picasso

I love this quote. When you are in the trenches doing anything – creating art, managing a team, leading a country, parenting a child, being a human, writing a blog, growing a garden, and anything else from your own life – it’s all about making the best choices you can on the small and large day to day issues. And, most of us do fairly well – we are good enough!

I was in the financial services industry for years. We were forever being audited (criticized) by some organization. The joke then was: “Auditors are people who come in after the battle is over and stab the wounded.” My apologies to anyone reading this who is an auditor.

Can’t we all fall into that role? Stabbing the wounded after the battle is over. We easily criticize others. Or, like the Picasso quote above – really not get what’s even going on.

And, we all have the inner critic. We are in our own battle and still stab our wounded selves. It seems to me the extent to which we criticize others is a fairly good indication of the extent to which we criticize ourselves.

I love the concept of good enough. For some crazy reason we have ridiculously high standards for ourselves and others. How about we all realize we are each good enough. I’m a good enough writer, mother, gardener, human being. Just imagine how freeing it would be to live in a good enough world.


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One Response to Good Enough

  1. aS TO BEING GOOD ENOUGH–GOOD AND BAD ARE RELATIVE TERMS IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD OF DUALITY. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW WHAT GOOD WAS UNLESS YOU KNEW WHAT BAD WAS.. and each is a concept of the mind.Everything has two ends and a middle. If you grab one end, the other will slant, but if you take the middle, both ends will balance. Stick to the middle.

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