Why Am I Here?

2de872b2e6c6de95e6e33b42737312e9[1]I’m sitting here pondering life this morning. Who am I and why am I here? I guess I’m here for the same reason I’ve always been here. To love and be loved. Maybe to learn something. Maybe to help another being on their way. Maybe to simply feel the wonder and beauty of this world we all inhabit.

Am I an Avatar? Is some being some place playing a game? Am I simply a simulation? Am I being played? If so, in that world they must have mastered the ability of computers to learn – I’ve learned. Or, has the being playing me learned?   In our world I watch my grandson play computer games. He learns. His avatar doesn’t learn.

Am I and are all of us the Divine experiencing creation through us. Are we entertainment?

Am I a sinner born in sin? Am I here to be tested? Pass the test or burn forever in hell. Or, continue to be sent back millions of times until I finally get it right – then I can move on. Religions have their joyous moments – at their core, they are depressing.

I wonder what ants think their purpose is? They certainly run around working all the time just like we do here in the West.   We assume they have no consciousness. How arrogant.

I will never forget looking in my newborn grandson’s eyes. He knew something I didn’t know. I’ve never felt such wisdom from another human being. Where had he just come from?

Many of us have the feeling we came from some place other than this one. Somehow we know we are to return.

Imagine being sent off to school. Your memory is wiped clean – you don’t remember who you are. You are dropped into this school completely helpless, totally dependent on others for your life. Everyone in this school is a student. No-one knows where the school is or even what we are here to learn. We are in this together. Sink or swim, together. Love or fear. We are born in fear. So I conclude we are here to learn love – for ourselves and for one another. We are here to learn how to move from fear to love in our hearts. Some of us are failing miserably. Most of us are not.

As a group of 7 billion human beings we are learning a lot about love.


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