Staring at the Water

nasa-space-screensaver-mac-3[1]“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” – Tagore

What sea do you want to cross? A new relationship – more love in your life – a more rewarding job – a healthier financial situation – optimum health – letting your creativity soar.   What do you truly want that you don’t now have in your life? How long have you been in the place of “standing and staring at the water”?

We want a lot of things. Our capacity to want seems to be limitless. It can be a cycle. I want something I don’t have. I’m convinced I can’t have it – I stare at the water. Now I get to be a victim – ‘ole poor me! From my victim place it seems I have nothing. My attention stays on what I don’t have. Gratitude is a great strategy to break this cycle. Once I can shift to counting my many, many blessings my wants slip back into proportion. They are a part of my life, not leading me along like an obedient dog.

The big things you want. Love. Great health. A spiritual life. The things you – the authentic you truly wants – those things. Just jump. Castaneda advised Dan Juan to jump off the cliff. Some times in our lives we just have to jump off the cliff – there’s no other way. It takes tremendous courage. You are usually facing the death of a part of you. Something has to die so that something else can be born.  It can feel terrifying.

No fear is a fantasy. Knowing fear is life. Knowing fear and finding your courage to do what you in your heart of hearts know is right for you. That’s living.   That’s crossing the sea.


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