A Religion of One’s Own

A-Religion-of-Ones-Own[1]A Religion of One’s Own


Thomas Moore

Summary of Introduction

Whether we actively follow one of the many organized religions or not, we all somewhere inside from time to time try to make sense of our life – or, simply life. Often we feel we are still very young inside and yet watch our bodies age and know that death will claim us one day. Where did we come from, where are we going? Why are we here? The questions humans have been asking since the beginning of time.

“Should I try to live without it [religion]? Should I resist change and keep my religion traditional? Or should I rethink what religion is all about?” Religion here in the West is changing, some would say disappearing. Should it be reimagined? Reimaging religion is the gist of this book.

We have a soul. Our soul needs religion in some form. “. . . religion is our creative and concrete response to the mysteries that permeate our lives. . . . Soul is the invisible, mysterious, and softly radiant element that infuses your being and makes you human.”

In a personal religion “you sense the sacred in things – a faint and mysterious pulse. Both in the world and in yourself you catch sight of the numinous, a hint of something more than human.” Everything is sacred. We build our religion from our own hearts and experiences – custom made for us by us. We don’t want to convert anybody and don’t want followers.

We become creators, rather than followers. In order to create we may read the thoughts of many who have gone before us. Not necessarily religious books. Many authors have walked the same path as us. Human beings in search of the portals to wonder and transcendence. The point is not to find something, rather to break through our usual materialistic worldview.

“Spirituality isn’t something added on to physical life but is the natural world spinning out its fate. . . . the physical world has beautiful and powerful potential.” We become attuned to our physical world and feel a sacred oneness with the earth, sky, all of nature and each other.

God is a mysterious reality that we discover for ourselves in our deepest meditations and reflections. Theologians and mystics attempt to describe God in the purest terms possible. Not as an object of devotion or idol which limits the infinite. “You look until you see nothing, and that is God.”

Your own personal religion is ever changing and renewing itself as you change – as you find the sacred in ordinary life.


The above is a summary of the introduction. The book goes into great detail about how to implement these overall concepts into your life – how to honor and listen to your soul and spirit. How to “look until you see nothing”.


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4 Responses to A Religion of One’s Own

  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you for this post. i enjoyed knowing about this book. I see that you occasionally offer workshops….will we know about them here?

  2. M Eileen Wiggins says:


    M. Eileen “Peace, Love and Serenity”


    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – Thanks so much for telling me about this book. I really enjoyed reading it. Thomas Moore has a wonderful way of explaining the most complex issues in an easy to understand way. Glad you liked the post! Love, Pat

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