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kartandtinki1_midnight-wallpaper_04[1]“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.” – Marianne Williamson

We are nearing or at the ending of the Age of Pisces. The last 2000 years has been influenced by Piscean energy. At its best, Pisces symbolizes the quest to be a fully awakened human being, aware of our divine origin, oneness and the sacredness of all creation – our reunion with the Divine, Source, Creator, or whatever word you like.

The shadow side of the Piscean Age has fostered the illusion of separation – the belief we are sinners, cast out of the garden and powerless to redeem ourselves. This has resulted in a collective feeling of unworthiness and isolation which engenders suffering, sacrifice, victimization and martyrdom and their opposite materialism and domination. A bleak picture.

Astrology teaches Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces. They can balance each other. Virgo reminds us our bodies are also holy. Every cell in our body is conscious and inseparable from our emotions, mind and spirit. In this way we are reminded spirit is also in this world.

The shadow side of Virgo treats the body like a slave, overriding its needs and limits until illness or injury forces us to pay attention. Virgo’s dark side judges rather than discerns and falls into servitude rather than service, staying overly busy to avoid feelings of inadequacy and isolation.

Where in your life is it time to let go of long-held illusions about yourself, your spirituality and your life? A New Age happens one human being at a time – we are each called to learn the lessons the Ages bring. And to move on – next class – the Age of Aquarius.



Note:  Parts of this post taken from Virgo Full Moon – February 22 by Stephanie Austin published in The Mountain Astrologer, February/March 2016 issue.

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