Scattering Stars Like Dust

imagesCAMSPQR1“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.” – Rumi

In olden times we humans lived in a magical world filled with gods and goddesses, nature spirits, shamans, healers, alchemists, astrologers and others steeped in knowledge of the unseen. We lived in tune with nature and the seasons, mother earth, father sky, sister moon and brother wind. Our myths reflected the human story – our daily lives – and were rich in wisdom to help us on our way. We walked in sacred groves, sat by ritual fires while the stars – the gods – watched over us. We were a part of the cosmos – at one with all our surroundings and each other. We knew death was a part of life. Our myths carried us beyond death and helped us on our way.

These days we find our powerful myths in films. Avatar, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen and similar films take us to magical, fantasy worlds. Many of these movies are targeted to a younger audience and yet adults are fascinated with them. Maybe our sense of wonder is restored? Maybe an emptiness inside is filled?

Our souls thrive when we spend time in our imagination. Go inside, live on Pandora for a while, walk with Rey and Kylo Ren or ask Harry to teach you how to be a wizard. Or, go outside and look up at the sky on a clear nite – the Milky Way – our galaxy – is an awesome site. You may find yourself agreeing with Rumi: “We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”


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