Pisces Solar Eclipse

solar-eclipse-448px[1]On March 8, 2016 we will have a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. There was a time when all of us would have understood the significance of eclipses and the nuances associated with each sign. I offer the following excerpt from Pisces Solar Eclipse by Stephanie Austin in the February/March, 2016 edition of The Mountain Astrologer as a glimpse into the mystery of this world we inhabit.


This New Moon is potentized by several factors, offering us a special opportunity to connect more deeply with our higher self. This is the first of four eclipses this year, and the first of three Super Moons in a row. Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth align more closely, focalizing a greater concentration of cosmic energies. As the customary flow of solar radiation is blocked, the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and all its inhabitants are reconfigured and rebooted. Although this total solar eclipse will be visible only in Indonesia and the western Pacific, its energetic effects are global and further intensified by the Moon being at perigee (the closest approach in its monthly orbit around the Earth), which enlarges its impact on tides, tectonic plates, and psyches.

All solar eclipses mark major endings and beginnings. . . . Eclipses occur in 19-year cycles; on March 8, 1997, there was a solar eclipse at [this same degree]. What was happening in your life then? What needs to change now?   Consider also what was important six months ago on September 12, 2015, when there was a solar eclipse . . . closely opposite this one.

. . . . Healing involves recovering parts of ourselves that were formerly denied and suppressed. Pisces teaches us that enlightenment is not about being good, but about becoming whole. At the end of the spiritual journey, we come full circle. After experiencing both sides of every polarity, every role, every possible variation on a theme, we discover that we are the star, writer, and director of our dramas. We realize there is no failure, no blame, only infinite learning opportunities. Understanding becomes acceptance, acceptance leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness grows into unconditional love, the alpha and omega of the universe.

The final goal lies beyond our ego and mind, where we paradoxically become nobody and everything. We remember that we are light that everything is light, that “It’s all God in drag” (Ram Dass).


Something to ponder at the time of this Pisces Solar Eclipse. Consider stepping into your imagination and the mystery of life.


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