Expect Miracles

d332ec722d88be4b8f005d0cc96551821“I am realistic – I expect miracles.” – Wayne Dyer

We are in the season of miracles. You and me – everyday miracles that we pass right on by and don’t see. Like Wayne Dyer, I’m a realist. And, I know without a shadow of a doubt that miracles are an integral part of our lives.

We simply might want to consider redefining what we believe a miracle to be. My heart beats, some magical energy breathes me. A very small seed has the life in it of an apple tree or a carrot – that magic happens in the darkness of Mother Earth. Some completely mystical force keeps you and me on this planet – I think they call it gravity. No one really knows what it is. If you’ve read this blog very long you know I’ve written posts about this before.

It’s worth repeating. You see the very basic aspects of our lives on Earth are all miracles. So, when we can stop long enough to just remember that, then it is a very small leap to “expect miracles” in all aspects of our lives.

Here is a partial list of the daily miracles in my life: The awe I feel when I watch the sun rise and set each day; the feeling of love in my heart for my family and friends; my very rich imagination – I can and do travel to worlds beyond this material one; the fire in my grate every evening – did you realize that some ancient cultures believe that the trees store the Sun’s energy so that it can be released through fire when we need its warmth – now that’s a miracle.

Consider spending some time in nature – really open your eyes and heart and “see” Mother Nature is nothing but one big miracle.

My point is that we simply are numb to the magic and miracle that is our daily lives. It may sound sort of “out there” to view the world this way. From my experience, it’s a pretty awesome “out there” place to be. You might want to think about giving it a try.


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One Response to Expect Miracles

  1. M Eileen Wiggins says:

    Hello my friend! Merry Christmas. Odalys wanted to know where she can get a larger print of the picture you have in this blog. 🙂

    M. Eileen “Peace, Love and Serenity”


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