image007[1]The planets’ cycles coincide with our natural human cycles.

When we reach our teenage years we naturally begin to formulate our own beliefs and ideas about life – the beginning of becoming independent thinkers. Some of us rebel against our parents, home and society. Others quietly begin changing inside. And everything in between. No matter our path, we begin the process of leaving our childhood behind, of leaving “home.”

In astrological teachings, the planet Uranus represents the freedom urge. It is the planet of extremes and sudden changes. It is a force that destroys the old and makes room for the new.   The old must be destroyed before the new can come in. Transiting Uranus makes its first major aspect to natal Uranus at age 14 – for everybody.

So, does the movement of the physical planet Uranus in the sky “cause” us in our teenage years to feel the freedom urge? People observing the sky and the planetary movements deduced that the two reflect each other. It appears our natural human cycle of leaving home and seeking freedom coincides with the movement of Uranus in the heavens. We are in resonance.

A child was born when the Sun was in the part of the sky labeled Aries. Astute observers long ago knew that child would exhibit certain characteristics as it grew. Again, was that because the Sun in that portion of the sky “caused” those attributes in the child? Or, did the Aries Sun reflect the seasonal Earth energies at the moment of birth?

The planets are symbols, the meanings of which were developed or theorized over long periods of time as people made observations and drew conclusions. If this sounds like a scientific model, it was. Prior to around 1700 AD astronomers and astrologers were the same person and the knowledge the same field of study. The purpose back then in studying the sky was to gain knowledge to help – society, kings and the like, as well as individuals.

We are attuned to – affected by – Earth energies which are clockwork like energies due to the Earth’s movement through the sky. She is a planet in this solar system and participates in the great cosmic dance. These movements are precisely predictable over vast periods of time. This accounts for the ability of the Mayan and other civilizations to produce such long range, accurate calendars. They were keen observers of the sky.

We humans exist within these energy fields and are affected by them much more than we want to acknowledge. It is true we have free will and the ability to make choices in our lives. We aren’t helplessly drug along. The problem arises because many of us rarely exercise our free will. Rather we are sleepwalkers living the lives of our parents, peers, society, religion or your own personal favorite. And, some of us are lifelong rebels – we never leave “home” – we constantly rebel. We didn’t heed the call of Uranus at 14 years of age. Free will.

The cycles of the planets reflect to us the call of the Earth energies as we experience our own growing and maturing cycles – wake up, learn this, try this! We dance together. That’s why observing the planets and their cycles relative to our lives gives us information about our own growth.

We literally are one with each other, Mother Earth and the cosmos. We are all swimming in the same energy sea, being called to grow and learn and mature in very predictable ways. We are free to choose how we will respond to the call. It’s important to realize we are all called. Cycle after cycle after cycle for all of life.


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