Creating Myself

unnamed1“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

So, how do I go about creating myself? Sounds like great advice.

I remember back in my working years, I was pretty much on auto pilot, just going through life the best I could. I had to be sure my performance at work was good so I could support my family. I identified as a Mom, rather than a professional woman, and, yet, I never felt I had as much time as I wanted to spend with my children. Of course, the day came when they totally left the nest – just about the time my work life was over. The Universe has a dark sense of humor sometimes. In the course of a very few years my children were on their own journey and my career ended.

This isn’t a sad story! Lol. I was happy to see my kids making their own way. I didn’t always agree with their choices and I realized I’d made some choices my parents surely did not agree with either.   All in all, I was happy for them and for me. I knew I’d done the best I could – not perfect by any means – but, the best I could. And, now I was free of the responsibility of parenting minor children. I hope being a Mom is always there in my life, even in a very broad support role. And, of course, in a very deep loving place.

I really liked my career. Like all jobs it had its moments – on average I was proud of the profession I was in and of the job I did. I grew up in that business role. It was very challenging and I found out what I am made of. And, I was ready for it to end and to move into a new phase of my life.

That was all many years ago. When I saw the above quote by Shaw I truly understood his point. Every day with every choice we each create ourselves and the material world we find ourselves in. As the years pass in our lives, we and our circumstances change. It is impossible to hang onto the past. It’s over. That’s really, really good news. It can be a lot of fun trying out new ideas and new experiences and meeting new people. Let go! Go for it! Jump!

One of our biggest fears as human beings is change. And, yet, to live vital, healthy, joy filled lives we must change almost daily. In one of Deepak Chopra’s books he makes the point that the cells in our body are constantly dying and being replenished with new cells. Cancer cells, he says, are ones that refuse to die a natural death, causing great stress and pain for the body. Think about that as a metaphor for the way you are living your life.

Look around and look inside. Where are you now? What’s dead, what’s dying and what’s ready to be born? Look at your fear of change. Is it holding you back? What new you are you creating today?


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