You Are The Sun

north-carolina-blue-ridge-mountain-autumn-sunrise-burning-sun-crests-mountains-lights-up-sky-above-as-seen-434218861You are the Sun and the Moon and all the planets. In the old days, they were all Gods, calling to us – calling us home – to ourselves. The Sun calls to that part of you that is your will, who you really are inside, the real you, your power urge and self-expression. It’s the part of you that gets you going and energizes you.

Where I live the back of my house faces East, I watch the Sun rise every morning from my porch. I can totally understand why people worshipped the Sun many lifetimes ago. We go from the darkness of night to the gently approaching dawn. The early dawn is often times spectacular. Then the Sun with all its warmth and brilliant light greets us at the beginning of a new day as it rises from the mountain range.

It occurred to me this morning as I was drinking my tea and watching nature’s morning show, the Sun is a powerful symbol of life. It fills us up every morning with a renewed sense of the joy at being alive. I don’t know where I came from or where I’m going. I’m starting to figure out who I am – sort of. In this magical sunrise moment – this Now – it doesn’t matter at all. I can simply feel the warmth and hear the Sun God calling me home to my true self. Yes, the Sun does speak. Did you ever notice how many birds just love to sing at sunrise?

Consider taking a moment as you begin each day to consciously feel the warmth of the Sun and its symbolic meaning – life, your unique, one of a kind life – is being celebrated by the Gods. The Sun is always there supporting you and reminding you of the pure joy of being alive on this beautiful blue planet.


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