“Life always gives you what you need.” – Eckhart Tolle

We all have our comfort zone. You know that place where life seems to rock along. You are comfortable, happy, contented and maybe every now and again wonder if there’s more. Life has a way of presenting us with challenges – it’s how we evolve. Challenges are a necessary part of our growth. Remember the first day of school, learning to drive a car, your first date, sex the first time with another person! The first day of your first job. I’m sure you can add to the list of challenges – times when you were definitely out of your comfort zone.

When we look back on all those times, we can usually smile and see it all as a part of growing up or simply growing. When we are in the midst of those new experiences, they can be incredibly frightening. Anytime we are in uncharted waters it’s scary.

Spiritual awakening is found right in the middle of those challenging situations – they act as a catalyst for a shift in consciousness. You may find every challenge, every obstacle that life seems to put in your path is an opportunity for becoming present – living in the Now as Eckhart Tolle says.

We can also fall into the habit of looking to people, places, things or circumstances for fulfillment, protection or happiness. Anytime we expect the world out there to make us happy we are placing an impossible demand on it and setting ourselves up for perpetual frustration. Instead allow the world to help you become more conscious.

Many of our challenges – personal and collective – have been created by human unconsciousness, either our own or that of other people. If we can shift our view we realize our life is not determined by what happens to us, but by how we respond to what happens.

It seems to me life is like being in school. As we encounter challenges, it sometimes helps to stop and ask ourselves: what is the lesson here? I signed up for this class and clearly I have something to learn because this is way out of my comfort zone. With a little inner exploration, we can bring the light of consciousness to the situation and fully integrate the lesson that’s up. Our comfort zone has just expanded. We are a little more conscious and a little more awake.


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