The Great Mother

“She used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.” – Shannon A. Thompson

The Moon cycles every month from New Moon to First Quarter Moon to Full Moon to Last Quarter Moon and back to New Moon in a never-ending dance. The oceans feel and respond to her energy and so do we. The Moon was depicted as the Goddess, by various names, in cultures of old. The Great Mother.

The Moon’s cycle affects our emotions and feelings. She is in each sign of the zodiac for about two days. When the Moon is transiting through Pisces your imagination and intuition may be strong, you can feel vulnerable and may feel like withdrawing from the world. You can be easily discouraged. When she moves into the following sign, Aries, it’s as though someone flipped the energy switch. You may feel like beginning new projects. This is a time when you may be impulsive and not really think through your next steps. And, so it goes as she moves through all twelve signs each month. A wonderful way to begin tuning in to the energy we all live in is to monitor your feelings, subtle and pronounced, as the Moon moves through the signs each month. In addition, we all have sensitive points in our natal charts and when the Moon touches one of those points, that energy is felt more acutely. She accounts for many of those “mood” swings we feel.

The Moon’s cycles also bring another energy to us. As she moves from New to Full and back to New, we are supported in the growth cycles of our lives. If we attune to this energy it can be very supportive, thereby helping us flow with life – everything has the potential get a lot easier.

The New Moon phase is a time of beginning. The Moon is Waxing, getting larger in the sky. Take a few moments each month at the New Moon and set your intentions for the coming month. What do you want to change? What do you want less of? More of? This can be something out here in the material, seen world or something in the interior, unseen world.

The First Quarter is a test of your intention. Are you keeping your intention in your heart? Are you taking any necessary steps to bring your intention to fruition? Are you letting go and trusting that the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit/ Divine/ Source/Creator/ Your Own Word is supporting you? Action and Inaction. Both. The wisdom at this phase is to check in, adjust and keep going.

The Full Moon is the peak of the cycle – “when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.”  After this day, the Moon will be Waning, getting smaller in the sky. Your intention is blossoming into reality. If all is going well, you are living in a slightly different energy place than before your intention. These are mostly subtle shifts, although in any given month and depending on your own natal chart, they could be quite amazing.

The Last Quarter is the final test of your intention. If all is going well, changes are happening and you are flowing with life, great. If not, then let it all go. Nothing will be gained from trying or pushing at this phase. This is a time prior to the next New Moon, the next new beginning, to consider again what you want in the coming monthly cycle of the Moon.

For gardeners like me, we plant, prune, weed and harvest in accordance with her cycles.   We plant in the waxing, increasing, phase of the Moon in a water sign for above the ground crops – and so it goes through the Moon’s cycles and through the garden’s cycles.

Our ancient ancestors honored these energy fluctuations. It’s amazing that we have gotten so far away from the natural world we live in. We suffer because of it. We live in a seen and unseen world. Discover the unseen – you’ll be amazed!


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5 Responses to The Great Mother

  1. Annika Nordlander says:

    That I wish you too, thank you Pat. Much love ❤

  2. Annika Nordlander says:

    Thank you. Having experiences of what i am not, doesn’t excite me anymore (never excited me actually (planet earth – planet of hell – planet of fears, illusions, separations) How can that be exciting, not really 😀 but I have chosen to fool myself to be able to have such experiences, ok, but now I’m done 😀

    I AM ONE eternal infinite Consciousness/Awareness, an unlimited Creator, animating all experiences in “existence”, surfing through infinite eternal information to experience something i am not. I am so done with having experiences of what i am not.

    I now want to have experiences of who i truly am, so i choose that, focus on that, giving that my whole attention. Why is it so easy, always perceiving who i truly am, with infinite ease? As I ask, I get answered, I perceive, experience 😀 Much love to you and to all ❤

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