Blessings and Curses

Beliefs. Isn’t it amazing that our core beliefs – which color the way we see the world around us and everything in it – are the true genesis for most of what we consider to be our blessings and curses?

Am I blessed or cursed? What day is it? Who just pissed me off? Who just said something complimentary – a little love coming my way? Who is ignoring me? Who is smothering me? Whose expectations are way to high – their own codependent self searching for a target? Life. I’m sure you can add your own experiences to the list.

The point is no matter what is happening out there in the world, no matter what other people or life is bringing us, it is all filtered through our own beliefs.

Do you love yourself? Look into the mirror, look into your own eyes – say with honest, true feeling “I love you. You are an amazing person.” How does that feel? Does it feel true or false? Can you even do it? That simple little exercise will give you a lot of information concerning your beliefs about yourself, relationship and love.

If that was difficult or felt false, then you may feel cursed in relationships. You can only feel the love others are giving you to the exact measure you genuinely love and accept yourself. Healing, therapy, maturity and wisdom have a lot to do with learning self-acceptance and self-love.

Conversely, if you believe you are a good person and really love and like yourself, then you will likely feel blessed by others in the world around you. And, you will probably surround yourself with people who are nourishing to you. When a person comes into your life who doesn’t love themselves, sparks are likely to fly. You are living in two different worlds from a basic beliefs perspective.   They will always feel cursed and you will always feel blessed.

Can you help them? No. Only they can help them. You can suggest a good therapist or other wise person. The hard work of learning to love themselves is theirs alone.

Here I’ve used self-love and relationships as an example of how our basic beliefs color our world. Some other areas you might want to explore: Do you live in an abundant world or a scarce one? Do you feel the world is a safe or a frightening place? Do you feel the boss is fair or unfair? When life brings you difficulty, are you a victim or a powerful, problem solving person? Do you live in love or fear?

Blessings and curses – it often depends on what we expect based on our core beliefs.


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  1. Reinforcement! Thank you!

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