The Gods of Change

images[1] (4)The Gods of Change


Howard Sasportas

“Your pain is but the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” – Kahlil Gibran

This book is about pain, crisis and the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. – the outer or transpersonal planets. Most of the book is an in depth guide to understanding each of these planets as they relate to the birth chart – intended for those studying astrology in depth.  I felt some of the “big” ideas were worth sharing.  Here they are.

It all depends on our point of view. Do we see change as danger or an opportunity?  Can we reorient ourselves in times of crisis to see those times as turning points in our lives?  We are evolving – something new is attempting to arise.  Can we let go of the old and change?  Can we see while something is dying, something new is being born?  The old may be taken away and something new given.

The natal birth chart reveals the “seed” of who we may become – our potentiality. It can be viewed as a map or guide giving us some idea of what our core self or soul has in mind for us.  It is sort of like looking at the picture on the front of a seed packet – you can see from the picture what the seed will grow into and become.  Your birth chart is more a symbol of your intentions in this lifetime – not a record of what is going to happen to you.

Each of us is in a continual process of unfolding, of growing into our full potential. Sometimes that growth can be painful.

We really can’t avoid pain, crisis and change. We can shift our perspective and attempt to understand how to use these periods creatively.  How do we cooperate or co-create with the energies at play in our lives?  If we are fully alive, we understand and accept both light and dark, joy and pain.

From the perspective of astrology major changes in our lives are usually ushered in by transits from Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Or a combination of these planets. These planets are thought to be responsible for our growth – they don’t leave us the way they found us.

Dane Rudhyar wrote that “it is not the event which happens to the person, but the person which happens to the event. An individual meets particular events because he needs them in order to become more fully what he is only potentially.”  So, if we believe crisis is only something terrible and our main goal is somehow to turn back the clock and get rid of it as quickly as possible, we are likely to stay caught in the crisis for a longer period of time.  On the other hand, if we see it as an opportunity for something new to be born, we find meaning in the midst of pain.

Once the crisis is accepted we may come to see it as a part of our growth and unfoldment. Bitter tears turn into the salt of wisdom.  Acceptance allows the magic in life to work.

And, we have grown.


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