First Love

imagesDOJAIOFAYour first love is – you.  So many of us skipped this step as we grew from children to adults.  If we were lucky, our parents loved us and we felt their love.  If we were not lucky, we didn’t feel parental love.   Either way.  Here we are.  Now.  This moment.  Do you love you?

Have you ever taken the time to go inside and get to know who you really are?  Not your ego self – the self you have constructed in order to be socially cool.  Or maybe you felt over the years who you really are is flawed in some way.  So, you began playing a role – like an actor or actress in a play.  Nothing wrong with that.  We all have our roles we play in life.  The real problem arises if you have forgotten who you really are inside.

Our true self is nothing but love – no need to look for it outside ourselves.  Once we discover our true essence, we radiate love.  It’s like sunlight on a cloudless day.  It shines through us.

So, how can you tell if you truly love yourself?  Try asking yourself these questions:  If I really love myself would I make this choice?  Would I be with this person?  Would I put this in my body?  Would I spend my time in this way?  Would I hold these beliefs?  Would I talk to myself in this way?  You get the idea!

“Being” in Love.  You are the “Being.”


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