Make the World Go Away

tumblr_n9pr7nk4EC1sknuc2o2_1280[1]Did you ever stop to wonder why we want to make the world go away at times? It all just seems too much. All of our coping skills go on vacation for a while and we feel stranded, raw, alone, unloved. It’s as though all our internal demons are front and center at once.

Emotional stress.   Somehow we feel as though we aren’t enough. Or, we have made a terrible mistake – guilt creeps in. Maybe we feel like an imposter in our own life – if they only knew who I really am. Maybe we are living in new territory – pushing ourselves – maybe too far. Sometimes we live in the past and endlessly trace out every decision, beating ourselves up for the “wrong” ones. Or, conversely, we live in the future and worry about what’s to come. Trying – a key word if we are looking for causes of stress in our lives – endlessly trying. I’m sure you can add many other areas of stress from your own life.

So, we hit a wall and want to make the world go away.  Lots of ways to make the world go away. Sleep. Watching TV, reading or just generally checking out in some way. Sex works, sometimes. Exercise. Drugs, legal or illegal. Alcohol. Shopping. You get the idea. Checking out for a while occasionally is OK. It’s when checking out replaces coping with our life that we can begin to get into trouble. Here is where addictions are born.

What if we simply realize we are unique, beautiful, and wonderful just as we are? Sometimes we are brilliant and sometimes we aren’t. Some choices serve us well and some don’t. The future hasn’t happened yet – no way for us to know what life will bring. At times we walk in the light and at times in the dark. We are humans – not some programmed cyborg always doing everything “right”.

I wonder how our lives would change if we simply accepted our humanity and the humanity of each other?


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