Space_Nebula_Nebula_Orange_Blue_Stars_42567_detail_thumb[1]We are out of balance – women and men. Somewhere along the way we lost the feminine side of our natures. Or, if not lost, at least repressed – unacknowledged – unlived.

With the advent of christianity somewhere around 2,000 years ago the feminine side of our nature began a slow decline. One god – male – with a son. Eventually, Mary was invited to the party – sort of. Did you realize christianity was the first major religion centered around one god?   Prior to that time most cultures honored many goddesses/gods – most of them connected to the natural world in some way. The feminine and the masculine sides of us were reflected in our gods and goddesses.

Women and feminine energy were further repressed during the catholic church’s Inquisition where women were burned at the stake as witches. A close look at the history of The Burning Times is shocking and sickening. The church clearly had a brutal campaign to further discredit women and the feminine energy of both sexes. To this day women are not represented in the church in any meaningful way at all. A church out of balance – no feminine energy at the uppermost levels to influence doctrine.

Many cultures around the world still openly oppress women and devalue them. More imbalance. Even here in the West, women are not represented equally in the upper most positions in our society.  Sexual harassment of women is a frequent news item these days.

This is not a post about equality for women. My point is as a global people, we are out of balance – all of us – men and women.

Recently many have described our world as a flatland, wasteland, and barren. It is felt the Earth herself is dying. We no longer hear the voice of the feminine and it is our own spiritual selves – men and women – that are impoverished.

The wisdom of the feminine teaches us the unity of all life, including the sacredness of the body and the Earth. It embraces the interconnectedness of all living beings and honors the natural cycles of life and death. Inclusive, intuitive and receptive. The opposite of the drive to conquer and control, preferring rather to dance to the flowing music of the Great Mystery.

The Age of Aquarius – the age of the common man and woman. Maybe it’s time we begin listening to our own inner knowing – to realize it’s time to heal the split between masculine and feminine, ego and spirt in ourselves. Healing and change begins with each of us – inside – one at a time – restoring balance to our world.


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