Unbounded by Space and Time

imagesCA4SET61We are all unbounded by space and time. Free. Just passing through this lifetime. Consider for a moment your ability to imagine. In our imagination we can go to any time or place. We can have any experience we can imagine.

Try it. Find a quiet, comfortable place. Breathe and relax. Close your eyes. Now you can go anyplace you choose. The beach on a warm day. The mountains in the snow. Mars. The Andromeda galaxy. At one with source, creator or however you envision the transcendent. You can be anything you choose to be. Brilliant or beautiful. Young or a wise old sage. You can be in any time you choose. Watching the dinosaurs from a nearby hilltop. Travelling through space at warp speed to rendezvous with your mother ship.

Did you ever stop to consider how powerful imagination can be? Some teachings say imagination is the voice of the transcendent. Others that we can change our lives by living in imagination – the energy literally shifts us physically. And, it’s fun!

Many hard core scientific discoveries began in someone’s imagination. A new thought. Creation. Maybe the way our whole material world was and is created is through imagination? I wonder how consciousness and imagination are related? If they aren’t the same thing, I expect they are at least very good friends.

The life you have right now is the life you have imagined. If you want a change, simply go into your imagination and create what’s next. It really is that simple.


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One Response to Unbounded by Space and Time

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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