Unconditional Happiness

“In order to get in touch with the unconditional happiness in our innermost being, we need to stop running around, looking for happiness in all the wrong places and instead start to focus on our own mind.” – Tara Springett, The Five-Minute Miracle

Unconditional happiness. Think about that for a minute. Since most of us are not happy all the time, I wonder why? What if it was as simple as consciously choosing unconditional happiness.

In his life changing book, The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer challenges us to do just that. To choose unconditional happiness. Unconditional means not conditioned on anything. So, I chose to be happy and yet deep inside I believe my happiness is dependent upon: great health, a thin body, lots of money in the bank, the perfect partner, the perfect boss, friends who always agree with me, kids who live their lives in a way that makes me happy, perfect weather, never having to do anything I don’t want to do, and your own must haves. These are all thoughts and/or emotions. They aren’t real.

You see? Unconditional happiness means I commit to rest in the witness place in my mind. Sort of apart from and behind all the thoughts and emotions that arise during a normal day. I commit to watching the never-ending performance of the emotional/thought show. I simply watch. I don’t attempt to stop the monolog – I simply watch as the thoughts come and go – as they move through me. If I don’t grab ahold of a passing thought, it just drifts away like a cloud in the sky. I wonder why I choose to cling to some of them – my heart starts racing, my breathing changes, I might feel a minor pain in my body. It’s just one of many thoughts that have floated through my mind today. Why did I choose that one to hang on to? And, why am I having this reaction to a completely unreal thought?

Ask yourself when you are upset if any of it is real. Or, is the basis for your stress simply thoughts and emotions that ebb and flow like the surf at the beach. What if you could become aware enough not to ever identify with one of these thoughts? How would your world change?

Unconditional happiness begins when we realize we are not our thoughts or emotions. We are the observer of those thoughts and emotions.


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2 Responses to Unconditional Happiness

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for you being you. Much love and respect to all ❤

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