Diamond Net of Indra

ku-xlarge[1]I recently saw an article on the web talking about the vast cosmic web of filaments that connect the galaxies in the universe.  At the top of this post is a picture of this cosmic web.  Due to some activity of a distant quasar the web has been illuminated so we are seeing it for the first time.  Up to now it has been scientific theory. You can see the full article here.

Some call this web of filaments dark matter.  Well, it turns out dark matter and dark energy are neither dark, nor matter, nor energy.  Those words could have been anything.  Neil deGrasse Tyson says we could call them Fred and Wilma.  He says the names – dark matter and dark energy –  are unfortunate since they communicate properties that are unknown. You can see a great interview with him here on Bill Moyers & Co.

So what does all this new science have to do with the Diamond Net of Indra?

The Vedas are some of the oldest sacred texts, dating roughly to 1500 – 1000 BC.  The metaphor – the story – of the Diamond Net of Indra came from some of these earliest texts.  So the philosophical roots of Indra’s net are deep and old.

The sutra describes a vast net that reaches infinitely in all directions. Through this net all phenomena are intimately connected – an interconnectedness of the universe or all universes.  Indra’s net has multifaceted jewels at each connection, each jewel reflecting all other jewels.  Everything contains everything else.  Through this interconnecting net all life is one.

It seems people who lived a very long time ago had an uncannily accurate view of what our scientists have recently been able to see.  They saw what we are now calling dark matter as an interconnecting net – a web showing us all life is one and that everything contains everything else.  Ummm…  I wonder what other scientific wonders we will discover that are described in ancient writings?

I also wonder how this discovery and others surely to follow will change our view of ourselves and our global community?  Remember, uni-verse can be interpreted as one song.  Now we have a multi-versemany songs?  We might want to concentrate on hearing and learning to sing and play the one song here sometime soon.  It looks like the band might be warming up for a concert.


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One Response to Diamond Net of Indra

  1. Lisa says:

    I love it! What a beautiful and inspirational concept. Thank you for this message.

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