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Diamond Net of Indra

I recently saw an article on the web talking about the vast cosmic web of filaments that connect the galaxies in the universe.  At the top of this post is a picture of this cosmic web.  Due to some activity of … Continue reading

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Miracles The entire Universe and everything in it is a miracle. You are a miracle.  Me, too.  Every day, every breath, every heart beat everywhere and everywhen. Miracle comes from the Latin miraculum –  a wonder, marvel or to wonder … Continue reading

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Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places

  Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places There is an old Waylon Jennings’ country song by this name.  To me the song is good, but the name of the song speaks volumes.  How can we look for love in … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Imagination

Did you ever stop to think about how imagination works?  How “thoughts are things” actually works?  All original, creative thoughts came from someone’s imagination.  Artists, writers, programmers, researchers, students, parents, anyone and everyone uses imagination every day in a myriad … Continue reading

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